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JumpStarterExpert.com was created by myself, Jack Freeman, a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast.  I have been saved by a portable jump starter so many times when no one was around, or willing to give a jump start to a fellow in need, that I thought I owed it to the world to share just how invaluable a tool they can be.

A portable jump starter really is essential to any motorist, from those who simply use their car for the daily commute to and from work, to the outdoor warriors who tackle the wild in their off road machines every chance they get.  You never know what situation you might get into, and not being able to get your car started could potentially put your own life and even that of your loved ones at risk as well.  The importance of having a portable jump starter can honestly not be overstated and this site hopes to guide you in choosing the best unit for your needs.

None of the jump starters and related devices listed on this site are sold by us directly but we do receive a small commission for some of the items purchased by our visitors.  This commission most often comes from the Amazon Associates program.  Furthermore, some items are received from the manufacturers in exchange for honest reviews.  The manufacturers are made aware that a good review is not guaranteed and integrity is the main priority on this site.

Adverts may also occasionally be served on the site to supplement the funding needed to maintain its high quality.

Furthermore, we are continually searching the web for the latest jump starters and associated items to keep you up-to-date with best technology available.  So be sure to check back regularly, but most importantly, keep safe!  As mentioned, one of the main purposes of this site is to increase awareness of jump starters and to advocate them as essential devices to keep in your car.

Thanks for visiting and please be sure to check out some of the latest reviews and guides before leaving!

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Note:  The snappy jump starter icon in the site title was created by Blaise Sewell from the Noun Project.  Checkout their site for more high quality icons.