My career is based around chemical engineering for which I am currently involved in catalyst development for several industrial applications including fuel cells, carbon monoxide oxidation and dehydrogenation of various compounds for value addition.  Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I certainly enjoy it, and it pays the bills!  Beside this though, I am also seriously into gadgets and all things tech.  I particularly like gadgets that solve everyday problems and do so in style, in other words, cool gadgets, and portable jump starters definitely tick both of these boxes.

The issue is, my mind is often in many places at once, and the result of this is that I often end up in sticky situations, such as a flat car battery because I forgot my lights on again, or the radio, or what have you.  I’ve gotten better over the years, but after discovering portable jump starters, I make sure never to leave the house without one.  It has saved my ass so many times and I can’t describe what a comfort it is knowing that, when you turn that key and hear that miserable sound of the starter not getting enough juice to turn the motor over, you have a good old reliable jump starter to rescue you without having to inconvenience anyone else in the process.  I actually look forward to needing to use mine the next time!

I hope you enjoy as I created it to increase the awareness of these great little devices which, really, everyone should have in their cars at all times.  So please, enjoy browsing through the many devices reviewed here and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs in no time at all.

Jack Freeman