Battery Booster Pack from Car Rover

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)


At some point in a driver’s lifetime they are likely to experience the misfortune of having a dead battery. While some people are somewhat prepared and have a pair of jumper cables tucked away in the trunk or in the back of the pickup, this doesn’t guarantee you will be able to find someone who is willing or able to help you jump your car using your battery cables.

Introducing the answer to that conundrum, the Car Rover battery booster pack. Never again will you get stuck with a dead battery and have to wait on someone to come along willing to give you a jump. This device will provide the needed power to start your engine/motor despite having a completely dead battery.

car rover jump starter

Key Features of this Battery Booster Pack

  • Good cranking power – 450A peak current
  • Massive charge capacity of 26000mAh (lithium ion)
  • Multi functional; supplies 12v for starting cars, charging a laptop and other mobile devices
  • Advanced chip technology provides safety against accidental surges and overcharging
  • Compact design makes it easy to store away when not in use
  • The heavy duty clamps will attach securely to the posts of most vehicle batteries

accessories for car rover jump packWhat Results Can You Expect

This ultra compact, powerful battery booster jump starter pack is pretty amazing in that on a single charge it is capable of starting a wide range of motor powered vehicles. This includes small, medium, large gas powered cars, diesel powered trucks and even marine outboard motors. However, that is only a part of what this device is capable of. It can be used to recharge a wide range of batteries as well using a any USB powered device.

What Are Other People Saying About The Car Rover Battery Booster Jump Starter Pack?

battery booster jump starter packAs part of our research for this product review we made several different online searches and came across a number of consumers who bought this product. They each left some words describing their experiences and opinions and a star rating from 1 to 5. The average rating of all of the star ratings was 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 stars. We also like to include a couple of quotes that seems to represent an overall view of the majority of the reviewers.

Several different reviewers stated that “I was very pleasantly surprised that I could use it to jump start my V8 diesel crew cab pickup.”

They also added “I could not believe something so compact, had so much power inside of it.”

Something to Watch Out For

battery booster packAs you might imagine, this generates quite of energy in order to instantly jump start most any car, truck or even marine boat motor. With all that power surging through the cables that are attached to the battery terminals, the heavy gauge wire and inline filter will get overly heated. The amount it will heat up will depend mainly on the size of the engine/motor you are trying to start and how many times you have to crank it over to get it started (see this guide for further information on how to properly use a jump starter).

Buying Advice for One of the Best Battery Jump Starters Available

This portable jump starter is an amazing value and it will easily pay for itself the very first time you are able to start your car and not get stranded on the side or the road or in crowded parking lot. You cannot go wrong having one of these inside your emergency pack in the trunk of your car.

My Final Thoughts

battery jump startersThe Car Rover battery booster jump starter pack is a powerful unit that should be part of everyone’s emergency roadside kit replacing that bulky set of jumper cables that you will no longer need. It has enough power in a single charge to jump start most any car and even many kinds of diesel pickup trucks. The compact design is a bit deceiving, but it definitely packs more than enough power to crank over most engines/motors with a dead battery.

To see more information on one of the best battery jump starters around, and where to get a hold of one, just click the link below.

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