Bestek Hammer Car Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Shatter Glass Jump StarterThe Bestek car jump starter’s unique shape is not just another marketing gimmick to try draw attention and increase sales by its sheer novelty. It actually has a particular function in mind. According to the manufacturer, the hammer design is specifically intended for easily shattering your car window in an emergency. In the event you can’t get out of or into your car by no other means but to break the window, the Bestek jump starter can certainly be an invaluable tool. It may seem unlikely that you will actually need to resort to punching through your window to escape from your car, but it might just end up saving your life one day. Certainly, if, heaven forbid, you find yourself crashing into a river or lake at some point, and completely trapped in your car, you will praise the day you decided to get yourself this little tool. In any case, if you never find a need to dramatically hammer through your window, you’ll have an interesting looking multi function jump starter which you can show off to your friends!

Jumper Cables Features Hammer StarterAs a jump starter, the Bestek is capable of supplying 400A of peak current, making it suitable for jumping the batteries that are typically fitted to petrol/gas engines up to around 3L capacity, and diesel engines up to 2.5L. This is coupled with a beefy 11 000mAh capacity, allowing it to jump these vehicles roughly 15 times consecutively between on a single charge (depending on the state of the batteries being jumped though – this number probably applies to fairly new and undamaged batteries, that have only been marginally too deeply discharged a couple of times). Its compact size also makes it very much suitable as a portable jump starter for motorcycles. Powerbank functionality is provided via a 2.1A USB port which allows rapid charging of smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, etc.   LED flashlighting with three modes is also equipped to the device, providing stationery, strobe and SOS signalling for emergency situations.

Glass Breaker Connected to CarAnother interesting feature on the Bestek hammer-shaped jump starter is an output available on the device for an air compressor. Although there are units available with a built-in air compressor, such as the Stanley J5C09, having a specific output for a separate portable air compressor is nice addition. With 11000mAh available, the Bestek should be able pump 4 average sized tires (probably not large SUV tires) on a single charge.

Car Battery Booster Hammer DesignAs a cherry on top to this truly unique jump starter, Bestek is also renowned for its excellent customer service. Furthermore, to demonstrate their confidence in their product, Bestek provides an 18 month warranty with every device making this a very safe purchase indeed. With its distinctive design and solid feature set, it is really almost an irresistible companion to add to an emergency tool set. Check out the link below for further information.Phone Charging Function Hammer Jump Starter

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