Brightech Compact Jump Starter with Air Compressor

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

The Brightech Viper compact jump starter with air compressor combo really offers a lot of value for one complete package. Unlike the Stanley combo, the compressor is not built into one multi function device along with the jump starter. Instead you are given a separate lithium ion battery pack to which the compressor, jumper cables and various other devices for charging are connected. This allows the overall package to remain very compact compared to other jump starter-compressor devices, keeping the two major functionalities separate so that one larger unit doesn’t always need to be lugged around when only one function is going to be used.

Air Compressor Jump Starter Combo Portable

Starting with the jump starter side of the package, 500A of peak current is on tap capable of jumping most average sized cars, SUVs, small trucks and boats. The device is also perfect for motorcycles and scooter thanks to its impressive compactness. The battery pack’s capacity is 15000mAh meaning it will happily jump your vehicle quite a number of times before requiring a recharge. The batteries also have good durability, lasting in excess of 1000 charge/discharge cycles, however, to maximize the life of the battery pack a good general tip is to always keep the charge level above 50%. Applying this, you should get a good few years’ worth of life from the Brightech.

Tyre Pump with Jump Starter PackagePowerbank features are also included with the jump starter, with a laptop charging output and USB port included for charging smart phones, tablets and numerous other devices. You also get a cigarette lighter adapter allowing you to charge the device and power the air compressor directly from your car, when its battery is full of course. LED lighting with flashlight, strobe and SOS modes is also included, which is very handy for signalling other motorists in emergency situations.

In terms of the air compressor, a multitude of nozzle adapters are included for not just pumping up your tyres, but a multitude of inflatables, saving your lungs from having to blow up that next lilo or gym ball. A 10ft power cord (connecting to the Viper battery pack) and 20inch hose are also included, allowing you to easily move around your car to pump up your tyres. The compressor is capable of pressures up to 300psi, which is more than enough for most road vehicles out there, and the battery pack should certainly be able to pump up four tyres on a single charge without much of a fuss.

A snazzy leather carry case packages the devices allowing you to keep all the various components neatly stowed away in your boot or under your seat. This really is one of those fantastic value for money products and comes from a company who prides itself in high quality and great customer satisfaction. At the time of writing this review, the Brightech jump starter with air compressor combo had over 30 reviews on Amazon, with 95% of them giving 5 star ratings. This will make an excellent addition to your travelling emergency toolkit or even an awesome gift for someone you really care about. If you’d like further information or to purchase the product, check out the link below. You won’t regret it!

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