The majority of portable jump starters available are intended for cars, and will cover the entire range from small hatchbacks right up to large SUVs. The car jump starters reviewed on this site will also fall into multiple sub-categories, including multi function jump starters, which typically have power bank, LED flashlight and laptop charging features, and also jump starter with air compressor combos, for keeping those tires pumped in emergencies or if it slipped your mind to check them regularly. The physical size of car jump starters is often also small enough to make them suitable as portable motorcycle jump starters, and so one device can literally cover all of your vehicles.

Heavy duty jump starters are also here for very large capacity batteries such as those found on trucks, jumbo SUVs and some big block V8 cars. Heavy duty jump starters can also supply many consecutive jumps between charges and so are suitable for emergency road side assistance applications as well as car service centers.
If you need a portable jump starter for your car, you’re undoubtedly in the right place. We at Jump-Starter-Expert make sure that only the best jump starters are presented to you, making the choice between the many, many units available just that little bit easier!