Cigarette Lighter

Being able to keep your jump starter charged on the go is unquestionably a valuable feature, especially when the vast majority of jump starters available today are also designed to be portable power sources for our most loved gadgets, including our phones, tablets, laptops and MP3 players. It may seem strange that a device whose primary function is to rapidly charge our vehicle’s battery when it’s unable to start our car should then be charged by that same battery, but having the option to keep the device charged by the cigarette lighter is just that extra step in ensuring that you’re are not caught with a flat jump starter at a time when you need it most.

A cigarette lighter jump starter is also fantastic for those who like the outdoors, and can ensure your power bank is available for those cold, rainy nights when you would like to just cuddle up and watch a movie on the laptop inside your tent! Jump-Starter-Expert covers the best options available to you when having a cigarette lighter charging function on your jump starter is a must for you.