Jump starter with air compressor combos are becoming ever popular, and for good reason. A portable air compressor can be as essential a device as a jump starter, with both addressing the most common emergency situations encountered by motorists. It was inevitable that these two devices should be paired together, and with the generally large battery bank available on jump starters, these combos can usually quite easily pump four flat tires on a standard sized SUV on a single charge. Covered here are combos where the jump starter and air compressor are built into a single unit and also where a separate air compressor is included in the package with the jump starter. In the former case, the units are normally larger, but with both functions being built into one device, you are assured you won’t find yourself in a situation have the one but needing the other. In the latter case, the devices are smaller, allowing you to carry a unit with only the function you need in a particular situation.

Most jump starter air compressor combos also come with a multitude of nozzles for various inflatables, allowing you to save your lungs and get even more use out of the device. Jump-Starter-Expert has hand-picked only best units money can buy so put your mind at ease and enjoy browsing through what’s on offer.