Heavy Duty

Heavy duty jump starters are designed for applications requiring higher cranking and peak currents to rapidly charge the battery to a point where it can turn the starter motor of your vehicle over and get you going again as soon as possible. This is typically required for larger capacity engines such as those on trucks, large SUVs, monster off-road vehicles and cars with cylinder capacities higher than 6L. Diesel vehicles also require higher cranking and peak currents than similarly sized petrol or gas engines, and you can expect to require a heavy duty jump starter for diesel engines 4L and larger. Another feature of heavy duty jump starters is that they are usually fitted with higher capacity batteries allowing them to perform more consecutive jump starts than ordinary duty devices. This makes them perfect for professional applications including dealerships, road side assistance and service centers. Also included in this category are heavy duty jump starter with air compressor combos, as well as multi function units with power bank functionality so you can keep your mobile phones and other USB devices charged on your next camping trip.

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