Multi Function

A multi function jump starter is by far and away the most popular and, therefore, most common type of portable jump starter available.

Features Besides the Basic Booster Box

Multiple functionality refers to those features in addition to the primary booster box function of the device.  These, at the very least, typically include power bank and LED flashlighting.

The power bank feature allows you to charge your USB devices, such as smart phones and tablets from your jump starter.  This essentially gives you a giant battery, and allows you to be away from a mains power source for a few days (or even weeks) on end.

A Multi Function Jump Starter Is Great For Working On-The-Go

Obviously, this is great for camping and outdoor enthusiasts who would like to maintain at least some of their modern day creature comforts while they’re roughing it! Laptop charging is also generally available via a standard 19V port.  This supplies a few hours extra on your mobile workstation to finish up that urgent project when you’re away from a plug.

LED flashlighting is also a fantastic feature on these devices, as the chances of getting stuck at night and not being able to see what you’re doing are quite high. In addition to standard stationery lighting, you are also normally provided with strobe and SOS lighting modes so you can signal other motorists to help in your time of need.

Less Common Features

Besides these, what you can call, “standard” features, air compressor combos are also available to take care of that loathsome flat tire situation. There are even units with more obscure functions, such as a hammer.  This allows you to easily break one of your car windows should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation that requires this!

features of multi function jump starterSafety

Extensively covered in this article, as well as here, safety features are an extremely important consideration when purchasing a booster box.  Multi-function jump starters are usually the best equipped in this area as their added abilities required more protection for you the end user.

Short circuit protection, over-current protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection and overcharge protection should be considered the minimum required safety features.  Thankfully all of the jump starters reviewed on have these, and usually more!

So if you’re on the market for a unit with more than just vehicle battery boosting ability, this is definitely the category you want to be browsing through.  Simply scroll down and click on any item that strikes your fancy, and you’ll be provided with a thorough review of the product.