JNC660 Heavy Duty Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Car Connection Jump Starter Heavy DutyA heavy duty jump starter is, as the name implies, a unit for applications requiring a large amount of cranking current and with a high peak current available. This can be for ordinary car batteries which are really deeply corroded and have been sitting for a long time, or for very high capacity batteries, such as those on trucks and large SUVs, which need very high current to quickly revive them to a point where the vehicle can actually be started. Another function of a heavy duty jump starter is for applications where a number of consecutive jumps are required, as in professional environments such as in dealerships, service centers, road side assistance, and so on. They are also therefore perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who would like to be prepared in the event several of their buddies need a jump start as well during a particularly grueling expedition!High Duty Jump Starter

The Jump ’n Carry JNC660 is certainly a top notch, heavy duty class jump starter, from a name which has become synonymous with unbeatable quality and ultimate reliability in the portable jump starter market. It is fitted with a 22Ah maintenance-free, lead acid battery, providing the capacity to start many, many vehicles on a single charge. It is difficult to put an exact number on this because it really depends on the state of the batteries that are being started, but you can be rest assured that the JNC has plenty of juice for pretty much any 12V battery jump starting requirements! The JNC105 PROFORMER battery in the JNC660 is also renowned for its incredibly durability, and will unquestionably survive hundreds of charging cycles, guaranteeing a long life for the unit.Proformer Battery Jump Starter

Feature wise, the JNC660 heavy duty jump starter is certainly not as well-equipped as the multi function units, including the Kmashi Ultra Compact Jump Starter, the Volitiger Portable Jump Starter, or even the Stanley Multi Function Jump Starter with Air Compressor. It is not equipped with a USB charging port or even a flash light, but this means it is a highly focused product, purely designed for one true function, which it performs flawlessly. This should not however take away from any of the other, great jump starters reviewed on this site, but if all you want is a device to jump start your vehicle, with outstanding reliability, the JNC660 is in a league of its own.

Vehicle Cables Heavy DutyIn terms of specifications, the JNC660 is rated with 425 amps of cranking current, which it can provide immediately, and is further capable of 1700A of peak current. It weighs about 18lbs, so while it’s not quite suitable as a portable unit for motorcycles, it will be comfortable in any family vehicle, SUV and truck. It is also equipped with a fully automatic charger, and can be plugged in to the wall for as long as you like without having to worry about overcharging. Finally, it comes fitted as standard with 46in. heavy gauge jumper cables, to allow easy connection to vehicles without having to awkwardly position the unit close to the battery, as is often the case.

Status Indicator Heavy DutyOverall, if a heavy duty application is what is called for, the JNC660 is the perfect tool for the job. Outstanding reliability and quality are trademarks of all Jump ‘n Carry products, so you can put your mind at ease that when that emergency situation arises, the JNC660 will always be ready to rescue you.

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