Jump Starters

The many types of portable jump starter available can make it somewhat difficult to find the one that will most closely suit your needs.  Fortunately, the various jump starters reviewed on this site have been sorted into several categories to help you in this process.  Simply click on one of the categories below and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time.

Car Jump Starters
Jump starters for cars and SUVs. Inlcudes compact, multi function and jump starter with air compressor combos.
Car Battery Chargers
Keep that expensive car battery charged up, expecially after a jump start is needed. Deeply disharging a lead-acid battery greatly reduces its life costing you money in the long run.









Cigarette Lighter Charger Jump Starters
Being able to charge your portable jump starter on the go directly from the cigarette lighter of your vehicle is an invaluable feature
Jump Starter Compact
High power but small jump starters for cars, motorcycles, SUVs, boats and scooters









Compressor Jump Starter Combo
These jump starter with air compressor combo units allow you to be prepared for the two most common reasons for getting stuck
Heavy Duty Jump Starter Expert
Heavy duty jump starters are perfect for starting large capacity vehicles including trucks and allow for many consecutive jump starts on a single charge. For professionals, they are a must!










Jump Starters for Motorcycles
Ultra compact and portable jump starters for motorcycles and scooters. Multiple functionality is often included with these units as well.
Jump Starter with Multi Functionality
Multi function jump starters have several added features including power bank, LED lighting and air compressor combos. These are excellent value for money!









Power Bank Jump Starter Expert
Power bank jump starters allow you to jump starter your car and also to charge all your favorite portable devices while your’re on the move, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops