LEPOWER Ultra Safe Booster

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Spanner Portable Jump StarterCar Booster Features WrenchThe LEPOWER portable jump starter is another one of those devices with a truly intriguing and surprisingly attractive design. The wrench is purely aesthetic of course, but the bright LED display on the front of the unit provides a constant view of the charge remaining in the lithium ion battery pack. Safety is becoming more and more a primary concern in the portable jump starter market, which is a good thing, and the LEPOWER has certainly embraced this wholeheartedly. All major safety features are in place including short-circuit, overload and reverse polarity protection, and the manufacturer has in fact touted the device as “error-proof”.

Peak current output is quite high from a lithium ion based device at 600A, which should be capable of jumping petrol engines up to a capacity of about 6.0L and diesels to around 4.0L. It goes without saying that the unit will also jump start pretty much any motorcycle and scooter, and is also perfect for boats and other vehicles up to similar cylinder capacities as for cars/SUVs/trucks.LED Lighting Magnetic Jump Starter

Another interesting feature of the LEPOWER car jump starter is that it has magnets attached to the bottom of the unit so that it can be easily held in place on the underside of the hood of your car. This is mostly to provide lighting at night if you need to work on the engine of your vehicle, and it’s probably not a good idea to try jump start with the unit magnetically attached to the car’s bonnet as it may fall off when trying to crank the engine, possible causing physical damage to the unit. With all the safety systems in place, a short circuit or other issue should be prevented if this happens, but physical damage to the device can’t really be avoided.

Jump Starter Wrench Safety FeaturesAs is the norm, the device also has the ability to portably charge a number of devices, outputting 5, 12 and 19V, so cellular phones, tablets, laptops and certain camping devices can all be directly charged from the jump starter. The capacity of the unit is 12000mAh, which will be good for a good two or three consecutive jump starts, and also for charging your mobile devices for several hours. Charging of the device itself is also capable through an included cigarette lighter charger so you can keep the jump starter topped up no as long as your vehicle is going.

LEPOWER is quickly emerging as a serious competitor in the portable jump starter market, and the large number of positive reviews on the device shows that they really care about the quality and longevity of their products. A 1 year warranty is included as standard so you can purchase with confidence that you’re getting a unit that will last at least that long.

If you would like any more information on this very desirable jump starter indeed, follow the link below or click on any of the images in this post. As long as you’ve followed the JumpStarterExpert guide on choosing a jump starter, you definitely will be disappointed with your purchase!

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