Powermax USA Jump Starter and Battery Pack for Car Enthusiasts

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Over the years, we have seen some excellent additions to the electrical industry and it seems as that Powermax USA has been an important company for the industry’s growth. More recently, they have developed their own portable battery pack for car enthusiasts, so let’s take a look at what it offers.

battery pack for car

Big Engine in a Small Car – Powermax has You Covered

Firstly, it is important to note that it has a peak current output of 700A which, for a compact lithium ion-based jump starter, is surprisingly good. With this in mind, it offers great performance but it gets better. This, coupled with the fact that it has a good battery capacity of 18000mAh, definitely makes this jump starter worth your consideration.

Strong jumping currentAside from these two key features, Powermax USA has also developed a product that can reportedly jump start an eight cylinder, 5L engine up to twenty times on a single charge. When looking at products like this, you have to assess the efficiency and the usefulness; luckily, it has both in bundles. In terms of safety and its use, the jump starter boasts an LED work light and a road-side emergency light which will almost certainly come in handy. Although we should all carry a torch in the car, it is easy to use it for something else and forget to replace it so these lights will be useful.

After a full month of thoroughly putting the Powermax through its paces, I found that the unit never skipped a beat.  Vehicles immediately jumped back to life as the powerful cranking current from the device quickly turned the engine over and gave the battery a quick charge boost.  The battery held it’s charge nicely, and lighting from the LED flashlight was excellent, providing a beacon of sorts at night to signal other motorists when stuck at night.

Powermax carry caseExceptionally Rugged Build Quality

Efficiency is key nowadays and a simple jump starter just isn’t enough. With that in mind, this product also provides charging capabilities for mobile phones, USB electronics, tablets, and 12V devices. Furthermore, it can even charge 19.5V laptop computers. With this in mind, it is fair to say that it can be considered truly ‘multi-functional’.

However, this doesn’t come at a cost to performance. Often, we see models that have many different extras but tend to lose out when it comes to its main function – jump starting cars. As we have already seen, the peak current output of 700A and battery capacity of 18000mAh makes this option well worth a second look.

Phone and Laptop ChargerNot Just a Portable Battery Pack for Car Buffs

Testing the various DC voltage outlets, I found once again the unit performed very well.  In particular, the USB charging port did actually supply the quoted 2.1A output (often this is not actually provided on lower quality units) and charged my smartphone as quickly as if it were plugged into the mains.  One minor gripe is that the unit only has one USB outlet, but this could be fairly easily remedied if you feel you will need more outputs using a USB hub.

Of course, the price is a key factor in jump starters because you want a balance between affordability and quality. With the Powermax USA Jump Starter, you will find that there are cheaper options but you will also find that there are many more expensive options. At present it is definitely well-priced, especially considering the phenomenal build-quality, the excellent feature set and strong core performance of the device.

To finish off, users will also benefit from safety features such as short circuit protection, overload protection, anti-spark proof cables, a reverse polarity alarm, discharge protection, cell load balance features, current protection, and more. Although these should be necessities for all models, it is still good to know that Powermax USA has taken the time to prioritise safety!

To purchase the unit on Amazon and read some of the customer reviews, click the link below.

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