Rocket Socket Flashlight Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Jump Starter Flashlight Designfunctionality-flashlight-boosterMuch like the Bestek Hammer-shaped car jump starter, the Rocket Socket flashlight shaped jump starter has a truly intriguing and handsome design, which is both form and function. Most multi function portable jump starters feature LED flashlighting, but these devices are typically rectangular or square in shape. With the design of the Rocket Socket you get a comfortable device to hold in your hands that functions perfectly as a powerful flashlight, and with 10000mAh of charge capacity, you’ll have lighting for many, many hours. Furthermore, the flashlight shape means the device will also function as a pretty sturdy weapon should it be necessary to fend off unwelcome visitors while trying to jump start your car!

Flashlight Jump Starter PhoneDown to the specs. Peak jump starting current is 400A – good for the standard batteries on petrol vehicles up to 5L in capacity, and diesel engines up to 3L. For larger vehicles, there are several higher current multi function, lithium ion based jump starters reviewed on this site such as the DinTo Motorcycle Jump Starter or the Brightech Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor, both of which are great products. Another interesting feature of the Rocket Socket flashlight is that it has a key switch selector for the three voltage outputs it offers – 12V/16V/19V. This of course means that the device can charge a multitude of DC gadgets, including laptops, for which a 6-in-1 adaptor is included.

Jump Charging Laptop

As part of its powerbank functionality, the Rocket Socket also has a 2.1A USB outlet for quickly charging phones, tablets, MP3 players and so on, and with 10 000mAh, you should get a good three full charges of an iPhone 6.

The Rocket Socket is truly a gorgeously made jump starter that will function as a proper, high quality flashlight as well. It has good jump starting capabilities and can double as powerbank for laptops, USB gadgets and other devices. If you’re looking for something to show off to your friends and that functions as well as it looks, there is no reason not to get this one. The link below will give you more info. and allow you to buy the product if you like.

Check It Out Here (Amazon Product Page)Complete Package Flashlight Jump Starter