Rugged Geek Portable Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

RG500 Portable Jump StarterLet’s be honest – we all like good looking gadgets that we can show off to our friends, making them just a little bit jealous in the process! The Rugged Geek portable jump starter is definitely one such device. With its striking, tyre pattern shell, and a luminous green LCD display, it is certainly very pleasing to the eye and positively looks like it means serious business.

Coupled with these good looks, however, is some seriously good tech, as well as a number of added features to sweeten the deal even further. Starting with its primary, jump starting function, the Rugged Geek RG500, can push out a peak current of 500A from its 14000mAh lithium ion battery bank. This is enough to jump most family cars, SUVs, motorcyles, boats and small trucks without too much of an issue, and there is enough capacity available to perform quite a few consecutive jump starts between charges if necessary. Higher currents will only really be needed for vehicles with very large capacity batteries, or if the battery is seriously corroded and on its very last stretch. In these cases, the Stanley Jump Starter with Air Compressor combo, or the JNC660 Heavy Duty Jump Starter would be better suited.Tyre Tread Pattern Portable Jump Starter

Aside from its main jump starting functionality, the Rugged Geek can also serve quite nicely as a large capacity powerbank. It has two USB ports, both capable of supplying 2.1A to your USB devices, meaning it can fast charge two phones at the same time without an issue. The device is also supplied with a 4-in-1 USB cable, providing connectivity to most modern phones and tablet devices. In addition to the USB ports, the unit is further fitted with a 19V laptop charging port and is supplied with 8 of the most common laptop charging connecting pins, allowing you to vastly extend the portable charge available to your mobile workstation. LED lights come fitted to the RG500 as well, with both flashlight and strobe settings for emergency signaling.

Intelligent Jump Starter ConnectionsThe jumper cables themselves are designed to be spark proof, preventing you from being startled when connecting the unit to your car battery, as I have been on a number of occasions, and the device has several protection circuits in place to prevent damage to the device or your car battery by, for instance, connecting the cables the wrong way round (reverse polarity). Charging of the Rugged Geek is also very easy as it can be connected either to the mains power supply on your home or even a cigarette lighter once your car battery is fully charged again.Phone Comparison Intelligent Portable Jump Starter

The Rugged Geek portable jump starter is truly a handsome piece kit which will make almost any tech geek smile! But beneath its gorgeous exterior is a serious piece of kit that can reliably help you out of a dead-battery, emergency situation. If you would like further information about the unit or would like to purchase it, as usual, click the link below or any of the images in this review.Specifications Intelligent Jump

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