Smart Portable Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Smart Jump Starters are Extremly VersatileOne of the Smartest of the Smart Jump Starters!

Safety was undoubtedly a primary concern with this multi function jump starter, touted by its manufacturer as “The World’s First Smart Jump Starter”. A sleek, quality design seems to have been another, as the device is both elegant looking and solidly put together. The intelligence of the 1byOne jump starter comes from a multi-level safety system design. It is, firstly, essentially impossible to connect the device incorrectly to a vehicle’s battery as the jumper connectors are made with a spark-proof material, and the unit itself has reverse polarity protection which will sound an alarm if the jump starter’s leads are connected positive to negative and negative to positive. It also then has protection systems built-in for short-circuit detection, low or high voltages (if the rated battery voltage does not match the 12V for which the jump starting circuit is designed), overload, and then also overheat protection. All these systems ensure the highest levels of safety for both you the user, the jump starter itself and also the battery it is being connected to, preventing those mishaps which, let face it, all of us make from time to time.

The 1byone Jump Starter is Perfect for Family Cars and SUVs

Being a lithium-ion based portable jump starter, the device is inherently very compact and as a result, besides being obviously suitable for cars and SUVs, it is also perfect for motorcycles. In terms of its jump starting capability, the manufacturer states it should be suitable for petrol or gas engines up to a capacity of 4.7L and diesel engines up to 2.5L. This will cover the large majority of vehicles on the road presently, but if a jump starter for larger vehicles is needed, the Stanley Portable Jump Starter with Air Compressor or the JNC660 Heavy Duty Jump Starter are capable of significantly higher cranking and peak currents than the 1byOne, but then are also several times larger. There is inevitably a trade-off in this area.

1byone Jump Starter and Leads

Smart Multi Jump Starter ConnectivityCharge Your Laptop with a 60W Outlet Directly on the Unit

Capacity wise the 1byOne smart jump starter has a rated 9900mAh (why not 10 000 I’m not sure) which should comfortably provide several consecutive jumps between charges. On the multi function side, you get the standard 5V USB outlet, providing powerbank functionality for charging smart phones, MP3 players, and so on. Furthermore, as is becoming more and more common on these devices, you also get a 19V, 60W outlet for charging a laptop directly from the unit. For me, this is a really fantastic feature, as I always find the battery-life on my laptop lacking, running out of juice right when I’m in the middle of an important piece of work.

Multi Function Smart PackageThe main draw of this portable jump starter is it’s intelligent safety design which tries to make it as difficult as possible to screw up and possibly hurt yourself in the process of trying to jump start your car, which could potentially turn an already difficult situation into a disaster. Reverse polarity connections have indeed happened in the past, as well as short circuit connections, resulting in exploding batteries and people getting hurt. Features protecting against these mishaps are undoubtedly crucial on a device that’s meant to actually help you and possibly rescue you from a possibly dangerous situation. It also offers good jump starting ability, powerbank functionality and LED flash/emergency lighting, providing a solid overall product which would make a valued addition to any motorist’s crisis tool kit. For further details and to purchase this jump starter, check out the link below.

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