Stanley Jump Starter with Air Compressor

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Air Compressor Jump StarterLarge but In-charge

If you’re looking for a jump starter with air compressor combo, you certainly cannot go wrong with the Stanley J5C09. This is definitely one of the most popular jump starters around for a very good reason. Stanley has been producing top quality tools for over a century, so when you buy this product you’re getting something from a company whose impeccable reputation is on the line, and which they unquestionably would not risk on this jump starter.

Impressive Peak and Cranking Current – Stanley Jump Starter with Compressor

The unit is rated capable of supplying an impressive 500A immediately, with a peak of 1000A, and so it can be classed as a medium duty device, definitely capable of jump starting pretty much any family road vehicle, SUV, motorcycle, and so on. A key feature of the Stanley J5C09 is obviously its air compressor, which is positively a major draw to potential customers. Having a flat battery and tire at the same time is certainly possible and an ordinary tire inflator air compressor is normally powered through the cigarette lighter. The Stanley is fully powered by the battery fitted to the unit and so it doubles as a fully portable air compressor. It can pump up to a pressure of 120psi (about 8 bar), which is more than enough for the tires on the vehicles most people will buy.

LED Light and USB Output

Tire Inflation Jump StarterYou also get a powerful LED light and a USB port for charging phones, MP3 players and so on. It can actually push 5A through the USB port and so if you buy a USB hub, you will actually be able to charge several devices at once at a fairly decent rate.

Safety wise, the unit will create a loud alarm if you reverse the polarity when connecting to the vehicle’s battery. It also has a keyless switch (like a car starter) which you need to turn before the unit will send current through to jump start your car. The alarm will sound before you turn this switch.

LED Jump Starter Tire InflatorBeing based on a sealed lead-acid battery, this jump starter is inherently larger than lithium ion based units such as the Volitiger Multi Function Jump Starter or the DinTo Car Jump Starter, and so one of the only downsides is that it’s probably not practical as a portable jump starter for a motorcycle, in terms of actually being able to comfortably transport the device on the bike. Regardless, the battery has a capacity of 19000mAh, which is enough to jump start an average sized vehicle battery many times over on a single charge.

Can be Charged by a Cigarette Lighter

Finally, in contrast, improving the portability of the Stanley jump starter with air compressor, is its ability to be charged via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. So, for example, if you’re out in the wild, you can keep your jump starter charged up for any unexpected situation, where you forget your lights on or if you need a portable DC power source and connecting to your vehicle is not practical.

Compressor Jump Starter USBCigarette Lighter Charging Jump Starter

This is undoubtedly a rock solid jump starter, and it is a purchase you can make with your mind perfectly at ease. Check the link below for further information and to buy the Stanley J5C09 if you like.

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