Starting a Car with a Portable Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2016)

Below are two of what I think are the best video illustrations of starting your car with a portable jump starter. Both follow the best practices covered in the written guide to starting your vehicle with a jump starter, showing you exactly the correct way to connect the jumper leads to the battery, and the major safety practices to follow to minimize the risk of damage to either the equipment, yourself or others around you.

The first video was produced by Advance Auto Parts and is a short, no-nonsense guide to using a jump starter. The second video, created by Canadian Tire, is more detailed, carefully describing how the jump starter should be operated and providing additional information on exactly why certain safety practices should be observed. It could perhaps be argued that the video goes slightly “overboard” on the safety but I personally don’t think so. I believe one should follow the instructions in this video and as described in the written jump starter guide as closely as possible – in certain situations, you may not be able to, while in others (for example when you’re at home), you easily can, provided you’re serious about safety.


And the more detailed video: