Vinsun Air Compressor-Escape Tool-Jump Starter

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

The Vinsun is about as complete a jump starter package as you can get. It would in fact be best described as a multi-function jump starter-air compressor-escape tool! Besides its incredible feature list, it is also quite lavishly designed. With its sharp angles and high quality finishes, this is clearly a very desirable gadget to have. Well I know I want one.

Compressor Jump Starter PackageAs a jump starter, the Vinsun provides entirely adequate performance, pumping out 400A of peak current, perfect for most petrol engine family vehicles, and small to medium capacity diesel powered cars. It has a 13800mAh capacity, which is plenty good for several consecutive jumps between charges. It also features all of the standard safety features you need such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, over-charge and over-voltage protection (see the JumpStarterExpert guide on choosing a jump starter for more info on these and other safety features). Furthermore, it is fairly compact, being not much larger than an iPhone 6 Plus, and so motorcyclists can also enjoy this plush little device.

Air Pump Escape Jump StarterMuch like the Bestek Hammer Jump Starter, the Vinsun has one of the rarer features of a built-in escape tool to allow you to break a window of your car should you need to escape in an emergency situation. How necessary such a tool is, is still debatable, but hey, it can’t hurt to have it. Or maybe it can, if used as a weapon against a-would-be villain!

Multi-functionality comes in the form of several DC output voltages from the device, including 5V, 12V and 16 to 19V, covering most of the popular mobile devices available. A number of standard connectors are also included in the package avoiding some of the cable-clutter you would otherwise have on, for example, a camping trip.

Size and SOS Features All-in-oneThe air compressor, like with the Viper combo jump starter, is a separate unit. It is also subjective as to whether this is better or worse than having a single unit with an air compressor built-in, as with the Stanley. Personally, I prefer having the compressor separate as it allows you to move it around independently of the rest of the device, keeping bulk down, and maintaining the overall portability of the package.

Also included with the device is a cigarette lighter charger, allowing you to charge it on-the-go or when you’re camping without access to mains electricity.

If you’re shopping for a truly all-in-one jump starter package, you’ll be very hard pressed to find as complete a package as with the Vinsun. It is also extremely good-looking, as I have mentioned countlessly throughout this post. Having all of these features does not however mean it does none of them particularly well, as it does in fact do a decent job at all of them. Several other reviews testify to this. Of course, specialized products would probably do a better job, but if you don’t need specialized operation, then what’s the point? It would also cost a bucket load more to buy each unit separately than the Vinsun costs.

Jumper Ports All-in-one Jump Starter

This is very likely to become a highly sort-after jump starter so check the link below and get yourself one today. You, or whoever you’re getting it for, won’t be disappointed.

Check It Out Here (Amazon Product Page)Tyre Pump Weapon Multi Purpose Jumper